On the internet we can find a number of different daily newspapers that bring news from the world and from the regions. Some of them are free, others are subscription only.

Global news

Well-known and high-quality newspapers are usually subscribed. I select here those that also offer free content.

  • BBC News – daily news,
  • The Guardian – news and sport,
  • CNN International – Breaking News, US News, World News and Video –,
  • CNBC – International Business, World News & Global Stock Market Analysis,
  • Los Angeles Times – News from California, the nation and world,
  • FoxNews – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos –,
  • The Sun – online edition of The Sun, Britain’s largest newspaper,
  • Google News –,
  • The Wall Street Journal – Breaking News, Business, Financial and Economic News, World News and Video,
  • msn – Breaking News Stories from US and Around the World –,
  • Sky news – The Latest News from the UK and Around the World –,
  • USA Today – Latest World & National News & Headlines –,
  • Reuters, international editions: Canada, United States, United Kingdom,

Business News

Well-known and high-quality economics journals are usually by subscription. I select here those that also offer free content.