English translators

In general, foreign translators lead in the quality of translation for the time being. In my opinion, the best are Bing and Google and the Czech Lingea.

Some transtators automatically recognize the language, others remember the last setting, some of them have a stable link with language settings. The order of the languages is usually easy to change.

Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translator – this is a translator from Microsoft. The maximum is 5,000 characters. The translator should allow the text to play, but this option doesn’t work for me. The Bing translator seems to me a little better in translation than the Google translator, but it’s not as user-friendly. Bing does not remember language settings. PR 8/10.

Google Translator

Google Translate – this is a translator from Google. You can enter a maximum of 5,000 characters. It can read the inserted text, turn on the microphone for recording words, it is also possible to translate documents. I set the option ENGLISH → CZECH. Google Translate doesn’t remember your language settings, but you can save them via a URL. PR 4/10 (7/10).

Translation: English → Czech, Czech → English.

Google can also translate entire pages according to the URL provided (eg BBC).

Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate – the translator is not as good as from Google or Bing. The translator allows you to enter up to 10,000 characters and translate the entire web page after entering its URL. After clicking on the word, you can see its specific translation and meaning in the dictionary. The translator remembers the last language setting in the browser. Documents and images can also be translated. PR 5/10 (6/10).

Translator | Lingea.cz

Translator | Lingea.cz – it is a translator from the Czech company Lingea, which focuses on dictionaries. The translator is not yet as high quality and widespread as translator from Google or Bing. The translator allows you to enter up to 2,000 characters. It translates sentences from a foreign language into Czech. The translation is less clear due to the fact that the paragraphs are more glued together. However, the translator indicates the original and translated paragraphs belonging to each other when the mouse is loaded. After clicking on the word, its specific translation and meaning in the dictionary can be displayed, both for the Czech and English words. PR 1/10 (3/10).

TRANSLATE with Cambridge

TRANSLATE with Cambridge – it is limited to 160 characters only (roughly one sentence) and a maximum of 2,000 characters per day. Individual words can be clicked. Due to these limitations, it is advisable to use it only as a supplement, if we do not know about any translation of the advice. PR 6/10.

Other Czech translators

I will not mention other translators that have appeared on the Czech website here at all, because they are usually of poor quality and very similar. They usually use the technology of the foreign translators described above.

Czech version: Anglické překladače