English monolingual dictionaries

Interpretive dictionaries describe and explain a word using the same language as the word you are looking for. They are suitable for intermediate students. They are a dictionary of type: English-English.

We try to guess the meaning of the word from the interpretation and sample sentences. The advantage of these dictionaries is that they force you to think and at the same time we learn to use words in sentences and phrases. We remember the word better and we are able to use it in context. We stop translating words into our native language and start thinking in a foreign language. By looking for words, we keep repeating ourselves and learning more and more words. Here are some explanatory dictionaries for English.

Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary – this is the Cambridge University Press interpretative dictionary. Sentences contain active references to some of the words. There are enough sample sentences from which you can recognize the meaning of the word. The site also includes a translator and grammar. The pronunciation of vocabulary is written and spoken in both American and British versions.

The dictionary also has a simplified English-Czech variant, which contains a brief translation of the word into Czech, however, in this variant there is only a written pronunciation and overall this version is too simplified. Therefore, a purely English variant of the dictionary is better for the interpretation of the word and its use in phrases.

This is my favorite dictionary. PR 6/10.

Macmillan Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary – this dictionary shows the importance of vocabulary in the form of stars, pronunciation is spoken. The word shows the basic meaning of its meaning and the sample sentences. A dictionary of synonyms is included. You can click on some words in sentences. PR 5/10.

Collins Dictionary

Collins Dictionary – this dictionary distinguishes American and British English, including the use of vocabulary and pronunciation. Pronunciation is spoken. Clickable words are underlined. The dictionary shows the importance of using a given word. There are a lot of examples of sentences with a word. It also includes translation into Czech and other languages. PR 5/10.


Dictionary.com – in the dictionary, you can click on all words. The dictionary includes spoken pronunciation and examples of using a word in sentences. There is also a dictionary of synonyms. PR 6/10.


Lexico – dictionary from OXFORD. The pronunciation is pronounced. You can see additional examples of using words, which are really many, but are more difficult to translate. Words cannot be clicked. PR 5/10.


Merriam-Webster – words in the dictionary cannot be clicked. Recorded pronunciation is indicated. There are only a few sample examples. Other phrases are downloaded from real pages from the web. It also includes synonyms and additional information or links to articles related to the topic. PR 7/10.

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries – this dictionary is intended for students. The sentences used are simple to understand. There are also additional examples, which are again simple. The spoken American and British pronunciations are listed. You cannot click on words in sentences. PR 5/10.

Longman English Dictionaries

Longman English Dictionaries – the importance of the word is displayed. The pronunciation is pronounced in British and American English. Words in sentences usually cannot be clicked, some can be clicked. The sample sentences are all spoken. The word of the word is grammar and the phrases and connections used are explained, including examples in sentences. PR 5/10.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex

The Free Dictionary by Farlex – an explanatory dictionary from Farlex. There is an English interpretation of the word and citations of the interpretation of the term from various sources. The dictionary allows you to click on each word in the interpretation with a display of its meaning. The dictionary is more complex but more difficult to use.

The free dictionary by Farlex has links next to the search word to the appropriate: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical Dictionary, Legal Dictionary, Financial Dictionary, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia Encyclopedia, so we can go through the meaning of the word and use the word from different angles. The thesaurus is graphic. The pronunciation is recorded and is listed in both American and English. PR 6/10.

Vocabulary.com Dictionary

Vocabulary.com Dictionary – pronunciation is pronounced, in addition to the basic explanation of the word, there are examples of practical use directly from the cited articles on the site. PR 5/10.


FORVO – is not a dictionary in the true sense of the word, but focuses on recordings of words and phrases. For a particular word, we find many examples of pronunciation from native speakers, including spoken sample sentences. PR 3/10 (5/10).


SkELL – it searches the Internet and offers us sentences in which the word is used. It clearly shows similar words and words with which the word is related. It is also available for Czech and Czech words such as csSkELL. PR 4/10.

Other monolingual dictionaries

  • Urban Directory – this dictionary is created by people. It also contains derogatory words and conjunctions that are not found in other dictionaries. PR 7/10.
  • ReversoDictionary – for each word we can choose whether we want to pronounce it, find it, etc. It is an explanatory dictionary that allows translation into other languages. There are a lot of phrases. But examples in sentences are missing. PR 5/10.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary – the pronunciation is listed next to the word, but clicking on the pronunciation opens a new window with an advertisement, which we must then close. In addition to the basic explanation of the word, the phrases used are listed. Words in sentences cannot be clicked. PR 5/10.
  • American Heritage Dictionary – the word is pronounced, but clicking on the pronunciation raises a new window, which we must then close. In addition to the basic explanation of the word, the phrases used are given. You cannot click on words in sentences. PR 5/10.
  • Your dictionary – the dictionary is simple with basic explanations and examples. The pronunciation is given. You cannot click on words in sentences. PR 6/10.
  • Glosbe – it contains multiple recordings of words, sample phrases and sentences are also available. PR 5/10.
  • Linguee – this is not a dictionary in the true sense of the word. The site finds the use of the word on the Internet and interactively translates the paragraph where the word is used. PR 5/10.

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