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English dictionaries

English translators

  • Bing Microsoft Translator – translator from Microsoft. The maximum is 5,000 characters. The translator should allow the text to play, but this option doesn’t work for me.
  • Google překladač – This is a translator from Google. A maximum of 5,000 characters can be entered. It can read the inserted text, turn on the microphone for recording words, it is also possible to translate documents.
  • Yandex Translate – the translator is not as good as from Google or Bing. The translator allows you to enter up to 10,000 characters and translate the entire web page after entering its URL.

English monolingual dictionaries

  • Cambridge Dictionary – Cambridge University Press glossary. The sentences contain active references to some of the words used. There are many sample sentences from which the meaning of the word can be known. The site also includes a translator and grammar.
  • Macmillan Dictionary – the dictionary shows the importance of words in the form of asterisks, the pronunciation is pronounced. The word has its basic meaning and sample sentences. A synonym dictionary is included.
  • Collins Dictionary – the dictionary distinguishes between American and British English, including the use of vocabulary and pronunciation. The pronunciation is pronounced. Clickable words are underlined.

English-Czech dictionaries and Czech-English dictionaries

  • Dictionaries | Lingea – an online dictionary of the Czech company Lingea, which also publishes printed versions of dictionaries. This is my favorite dictionary. It recognizes whether you have entered a Czech or English word.
  • Dict | Lingea – an international online dictionary of the Czech company Lingea, which also publishes printed versions of dictionaries. The dictionary allows translations across different languages.
  • Seznam.cz dictionary – the content is quite similar, sometimes exactly the same as the Lingea dictionary. Even the vocabulary recordings are identical to the Lingea dictionary. The advantage of this dictionary is that the dictionary is almost ad-free.

English professional dictionaries

  • BusinessDictionary – a simpler English business glossary from WebFinance (WFI). Displays the meaning of the search word and its use in sentences.
  • Financial Dictionary – interpretive financial dictionary from Farlex. There is an English interpretation of the word and citations of the interpretation of the term from various sources.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary – the dictionary contains over 10,000 legal words and phrases described in common language. Recorded pronunciation is missing.

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