English-Czech dictionaries

Czech dictionaries are more sophisticated in terms of Czech phrases and their translation into English than foreign dictionaries.

Dictionaries | Lingea

Dictionaries | Lingea – an online dictionary of the Czech company Lingea which also publishes printed versions of dictionaries. This is my favorite dictionary. It recognizes whether you have entered a Czech or English word. PR 3/10.

Dict | Lingea

Dict | Lingea – an international online dictionary of the Czech company Lingea, which also publishes printed versions of dictionaries. The dictionary allows translations across different languages. The dictionary is in various language mutations, here is e.g. its English version and the Czech version allowing translations from English or Czech into different languages. The dictionary recognizes the language of the specified word within the selected combination of two languages. PR 4/10.

Seznam.cz dictionary

Seznam.cz dictionary – the content is quite similar, sometimes exactly the same as the Lingea dictionary. Even the vocabulary recordings are identical to the Lingea dictionary. The advantage of this dictionary is that the dictionary is almost ad-free. The translation possibilities into various other languages are smaller than with the Lingea dictionary. The Seznam.cz dictionary offers: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Slovak. However, Seznam.cz dictionary page has a higher pagerank (5/10) and is probably more popular or better known than Lingea dictionary, which has a lower pagerank (3/10). PR 5/10.

Other dictionaries

  • Slovnik.cz – the dictionary vocabulary is based on LangSoft’s PC Translator product. It contains a lot of words. PR 4/10.
  • Online slovník – it allows only basic translation of words with their pronunciation. PR 3/10.
  • Slovníček.cz – it is also a translator. There are no recordings of pronunciation of the words. PR 2/10.

Foreign dictionaries

Foreign dictionaries with Czech translation lag behind Czech dictionaries. Translation into Czech is only simplified, or machine translators are usually used.

  • Glosbe – it contains several recordings of vocabulary, sample phrases and sentences are also available. PR 5/10.
  • Cambridge – there is only a written pronunciation and a very basic translation of the word. The dictionary lists only a few sample phrases in English. PR 6/10. This dictionary is only in the English-Czech dictionary variant.
  • WordReference.com – the dictionary contains only a basic translation and a few phrases in Czech. It also shows the use of the word in sentences obtained from the Internet without a Czech translation. PR 5/10.
  • Bab.la – when you click on the pronunciation of the word, an annoying advertisement is displayed. Sample phrases with a word are obtained from search engines and machine translated into Czech, so they do not correspond to Czech sentences at all. PR 5/10.

Czech version: Anglicko-české slovníky