English translators

In general, foreign translators lead in the quality of translation for the time being. In my opinion, the best are Bing and Google and the Czech Lingea.

Some transtators automatically recognize the language, others remember the last setting, some of them have a stable link with language settings. The order of the languages is usually easy to change.

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English monolingual dictionaries

Interpretive dictionaries describe and explain a word using the same language as the word you are looking for. They are suitable for intermediate students. They are a dictionary of type: English-English.

We try to guess the meaning of the word from the interpretation and sample sentences. The advantage of these dictionaries is that they force you to think and at the same time we learn to use words in sentences and phrases. We remember the word better and we are able to use it in context. We stop translating words into our native language and start thinking in a foreign language. By looking for words, we keep repeating ourselves and learning more and more words. Here are some explanatory dictionaries for English.

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